Is everyone corrupt? “Shameless” continues.

On this week’s episode of “Shameless” I found myself asking my daughter: “Is everybody corrupt?” Police officers will drop charges for the right tickets to their cherished sporting events.  Rich young men will steal cars in order to separate themselves from their rich but dysfunctional families of origin.  Teenage girls will seduce their mother’s boyfriends and put their sexcapades on Skype video just to get attention from the people that they really care about (I guess attention is attention, even if it’s the negative type).

Lip is such an interesting character.  He finds himself confessing his love for Karen, one of the most damaged characters on the show.  She pushes him away… it’s hard for someone so hurt to accept love… but he perseveres.

The best thing about “Shameless” is the love that the family has for each other.  Despite having a drunken father and a mother who abandons them, they fend for one another and take care of each other.  It is a beautiful portrayal of a “modern” untraditional family (though does a traditional family really exist these days anyway?) coming together to protect and care for their siblings, even though they are just children themselves.

There’s a half-black baby (where did he come from?), a demented young boy, an old soul sweet little girl who constantly finds herself in the middle of trouble (stealing a baby, falling in love with an old woman with dementia, meddling in her big sister’s love life), a gay teenaged boy, a genius older teenaged boy who can’t seem to stay out of trouble, and at the crux of it all, Fiona — the big sister who is the glue that holds them all together.

When given the chance to flee it all and move to Costa Rica with her boyfriend, she considers leaving — even packing a suitcase.  Dreams of pina coladas on the beach, no more dirty diapers and endless loads of laundry, beckon.  But, at the end of the day, she can’t leave them any more than they would leave her. 

I wonder what kind of relationships and families these children will end up in.  They will probably each get married (whether same gender or not doesn’t matter), have 2.2 children and a dog, and move to the suburbs.  The crazier our upbringings the more we crave normalcy.  I hear that the next generation is going to be tattoo and piercing-free.  Been there, seen that.



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