Stacy Kessler – A woman who wears many hats

Who is Stacy Kessler?

The first time I saw Stacy she was on the “Millionaire Matchmaker”.  She was the millionairess, which is atypical, but not unheard of on the show (Patti Stanger has mixed it up a bit by adding gays and rich women to her original “rich man chooses a remale mate” formula. 

Stacy was cute looking but all over the place.  She called herself an Actress/Model/Host/Life Coach/Mother of 4/Divorcee from somewhere in New York or New Jersey.  Stacy comes across as a total airhead who is all over the place and having what Patti Stanger coins “a midlife crisis”.  Her date ends in disaster and she is ousted from the show in a fit of expletives (Patti is such a people person.  She would really fit in well in a large corporate culture, don’t you think?).

Next, Patti brings Stacy back for a second chance (why? why? why?).  She makes Stacy take a lie detector test (now she’s a C.S.I.?).  After passing the test, she goes out on a second date and starts it by showing the guy a short film of her modelling lingerie and working out.  Stacy is quite pleased with the way she looks and feels sure that they guy is totally into her, but he is quietly (or not so quietly) freaking out and doesn’t like her at all.

My biggest question was: why would Patti bring Stacy back a second time? It is similar to Brad Womack from “The Bachelor”, who was given a second starring season and once again bombed out.  Are there no other beautiful single people available to star in these shows? I could recommend a handful… just give me two minutes.

Surely there is no shortage of 40-something attractive divorced moms in the NY metropolitan area? Half of my friends are (or have been) in this category at some point.  Patti should have called me when she was in NY as it seemed like she really wasn’t tapping into the proper sources.

Anyway… back to Stacy Kessler.

The next time I saw Stacy I was walking into The Ear Inn to have dinner with my son and my boyfriend.  There were cameramen and lights following a very familiar-looking woman around as she flirted with men at the bar, and spoke to another 40-something woman. 

“I know that woman,” I exclaimed.  “Who is she?”

Was she an old friend? No.

Was she from “The Real Housewives of New York City”? No.

Ahhh… the crazy woman from the “Millionaire Matchmaker”! I knew she looked familiar.

She went around the bar, once sitting on a surprised-looking man’s lap as she spoke into her mike.

I mentioned my sighting at Pao later on, and was told that Stacy was the new waitress there on Saturday nights.

“No way!”, I said. “Why would Stacy be a waitress? She’s a millionairess!” I didn’t believe it.  She had admitted on the show that she was mostly rich from her ex-husband, but rich is rich, right?

I had to see for myself.  I visited Pao on a Saturday night, and sure enough, there she was… Stacy Kessler in the flesh! Model/actress/divorced mother of four/life coach… and waitress!

“I know you!” I told her.

She smiled prettily, and we chatted it up. 

Here’s what I learned:

She’s adorable — prettier in person than on t.v.,

She’s friendly,

She’s a caring mom,

She works hard, driving down to Soho every Saturday night to waitress,

She has a great sense of style.

Go to Pao on a Saturday night soon and meet Stacy.  You can’t miss her.  It’s a small place, and she’ll be running around.  At first she is wrapped in outerwear, as she’s always freezing, but before long she’s stripping off the layers and showing off that killer workout/lingerie body. 

Nice single men, come check her out.  She is looking for love but extremely busy struggling numerous careers and numerous children. 

“Why are you a waitress if you’re a millionairess?” I asked her.

“I’m an actress,” she told me frankly.



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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8 Responses to Stacy Kessler – A woman who wears many hats

  1. Ish says:

    I just watched this nutjob on a rerun of MM tonight. It’s no wonder she is divorced and single.

  2. jasmin says:

    I feel sorry for Stacy’s children. Their mom’s behavior is embarrassing.

  3. VidaStarr says:

    I dunno… How else can you explain showing a reel of yourself on a date when you are supposedly their to find love? Outside of the yelling and what not… that in itself is insane… completely insane.

  4. sarah says:

    I am a psychiatric professional and though I cannot diagnose by seeing a couple of TV episodes…I really hope all that drama was scripted.

    • mallorylayne says:

      I know Stacy and she is lovely. She is an actress and says that she was duped. A job is a job I guess! She has children to support. Reality t.v. is far from “reality” — right?

  5. mrsirlou says:

    Dear Stacy, you probably are a nice person but you do need help. If in fact you have children, how could you do this to them? There is clearly signs of a nasty divorce. Did your x hurt you and now you looking to prove your worth? Do you still love him?

  6. whats up stacy i went to school with you and your brothers always liked you but you never knew. anyway .do you remeber me dominick luce.

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