Either You’re Really Rich… or You’re Not

Seriously… the world is getting crazier and crazier.  A $48 million apartment (6,000 square feet, so we are talking $8,000 per square foot!!!) just sold at The Plaza.  A new condo building (7 floors, no amenities) is 80% sold in a week and a half (including a $20 million penthouse).  Kelsey Grammar’s house in Bridgehampton was just “stolen” for $9.95 million. 

Okay, what am I missing here?

Where is this money coming from?

Almost everybody I know is struggling financially (at least compared to the way they used to live).  Young up-and-coming families are moving out of the city to the ‘burbs, or moving out of the country entirely, because they can no longer afford to raise their families in the style which they had planned and hoped to. 

Bonuses are down,

Unemployment is up.

Who is making all this money?

Well, A-list movie stars make a lot of money.

The top professional athletes make a lot of money.

The best musicians make a lot of money…

Teachers make very little money.

Fire fighters and police officers make very little money.

ER doctors don’t make a lot of money.

What is wrong with this country? Am I becoming a Socialist in my ways of thinking? I just feel like I’m seeing the strangest dichotemy between the very rich and the rest of us.  Am I crazy or do you see it too?


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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One Response to Either You’re Really Rich… or You’re Not

  1. missdisplaced says:

    Yeah, I don’t see the Repukelicans jumping in to bust the NFL players’ union. Guess they would rather pick on teachers instead.

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