Can We Talk?

You’re reading my blog.  I know you are.  I want to know how you found it and what you think. 

Last week my best friend wrote to me telling me the she feels so connected to me through my blog, but she wanted to know what I was getting in return? In a way it’s like giving a massage and never getting one back (when you’re not a masseuse of course), or giving your lover pleasure without reciprocation.

Good question bff.

So what are my answers:

1) I am writing again, and that’s a good thing.  It had been quite a while. 

2) Nobody is grading me here or asking me to edit.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. 

3)   You can “Comment” you know.  I would love to know what you think.  Even the few times when people have not liked what I’ve written I have been excited that someone has chosen to communicate with me.

Every day I sit down and decide what to write about, but I have no idea who is reading it and what they’re thinking.  I am a bit curious to be honest.  Why do more people read it some days than others? It doesn’t seem to be related to how many posts I add.  It’s all a bit baffling.

I have been excited by my blog.  It is a new part of every day for me.  Even if my fourteen year old son laughs hysterically (so hard that he has fallen onto my bed a few times) when I tell him how many visiters I have had on a certain day (he claims that a junky youtube video that he made in 30 seconds got 400 times more hits in an hour than my blog does in an entire day.  Maybe I should blog on youtube? I have no idea…).

A lot of people have approached me in restaurants, on the street, and via email or Facebook to tell me that they’re reading my blog.  They usually mention certain posts that they especially enjoyed.  And then there’s my boyfriend’s friend, who said, “My own days are boring enough.  Why would I possibly want to read about yours?”

Touche boyfriend’s friend.  You made me laugh.  Sometimes I even bore myself.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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6 Responses to Can We Talk?

  1. Lauren Bellamy says:

    couldn’t agree more… except, I now have two new parts to my day: writing mine, and reading yours! x

  2. PatDennis says:

    Dear Mallory,
    I adore you and enjoy your blog which I try to read every day. I know your children, Jack and Morgan, and I’m always interested in what’s up. I’m so impressed with you; your starting this thing called a “Blog”; that you’ve something new to say everyday; your kindness and intelligent regard for people, children and animals. I love Grandpa, and think it’s so funny that you named him “Grandpa”. I love that your funny and caring. You’re amazing! I could go on but it will start to sound sacarine and weird.
    Whatever you do, I’m interested.
    Love ya,

    • mallorylayne says:

      Thanks Pat! You are way too nice, but I love it and appreciate all the things you said!!! When are we having lunch? Want to go over to Estancia 460 one day and catch up? You can meet my Little Sister Stacey.

  3. Lorrie says:

    I love you and look for new blogs throughout the day. I feel cheated when you only write one or two.

    • mallorylayne says:

      Thank you sweetheart! I am doing my best to write often but it is getting in the way of my reading and t.v. watching :).

      I need a dose of you. When am I going to see your pretty self?

      Love you and miss you! xoxo

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