Does “Shameless” Have No Shame?

If you’ve been reading my blog you know that “Shameless” is my favorite show this season.  On Showtime, it is film quality ever week — a full hour of well-acted entertainment.

This week, however, I wondered…

Does “Shameless” have no shame?

Is it over-the-top for a teenaged girl to have the word “whore” tattooed on her arm? Karen Jackson, played by Laura Wiggins, proudly displays this, while sporting a new chain piercing coming out of her nose.

Is it too much for that same girl to have sex with her mother’s boyfriend on camera, against his will? (He is Frank Gallagher, played by William H. Macy, who is both drugged and drunk at the time.)

There is a lot of crazy stuff happening on this show that I have not said anything about, but these two acts really made me question where the writers are going.  Teenagers actually watch this stuff (which is scary to begin with).  Are we showing them too much here? Providing more fodder than they can handle?

A senior at Beacon High School in NYC died this week.  He took acid and jumped off the top of a six-story building.  Where did he get this idea? What made him take acid? What made him stand on the edge of a building? Sounds a bit like “Limitless” to me… the opening and closing scenes, where Bradley Cooper stands precariously on the rim of his penthouse terrace, contemplating jumping to his death.

And on “Californication”, Becca (played by actress Madeleine Martin) tells her father Hank (the gorgeous and sexy David Duchovny) that the way teenagers have fun is by getting totally messed up on drugs and alcohol.  Great example for our teenagers, no?

It is difficult enough to keep our children on the right path today without them developing crushes on television and film characters who demonstrate such bad judgment (and usually live to brag the tale).  I am not saying that we shouldn’t let them watch these things, but we should watch them together and then discuss the behaviors modelled.

As I always tell my children, “The family that eats together doesn’t take drugs.”  Cook with your children.  Talk to them at dinner, and then watch with them if they’re watching at all. 

Gotta go.  It’s time to teach my son how to make chicken parmigiana.  Tofu parmigiana for my daughter, the vegetarian.


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