It’s Spring for one day only – go outside!

Today the temperatures in the city will reach 72 degrees! Yay! Don’t get too excited though… it is going to get cold again tomorrow, and remain that way for several days (wouldn’t it be nice to have a 72 degree Saturday rather than a Friday?).

Well, for those of you with flexible schedules like mine, here are some suggestions of how to enjoy today, a rare pre-Spring Springlike day:

Take a run outdoors (I am heading out as soon as I finish writing this, so I’m typing as fast as I can),

If you don’t like to run, take your bike out and fill the tires with air,

Take a walk, maybe up to the Highline to see how it’s cleaning up and how Phase 2 is progressing,

Go to the park,

Take your dog for a long walk, maybe even to the dog run,

Sit outdoors and have lunch or dinner or both.  Watch all the happy people walking around dressed for summer in their short shorts, their open-toed shoes, their wife beaters,

Text a friend and ask him or her for an impromptu meeting — coffee, a glass of wine.  There’s actually a chance they may say yes as they are probably as tired of being cooped up indoors as you are,

Get a pedicure and wear your sexiest spring shoes out of the salon.  No more waiting to dry and then covering those pretty little colorful toes up in Saran Wrap,

Go shopping for a bikini,

Shave your legs (and everything else that needs tending to — it has been a long winter, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to look like a werewolf),

Think about summer.  What are you going to do? Start to think about it but wait until tomorrow to start researching options.  You don’t want to waste this beautiful day indoors on your computer,

Wear something springlike,

Eat an ice cream cone (Tasti d-Lite or The Lite Choice are fine substitutes.  What is the difference between The Lite Choice and Tasti anyway?),

Drink your coffee iced,

Stop writing and go for a run…


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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