The Bachelor: Brad Picks Emily

Wasn’t it obvious? How could Brad Womack not pick Emily, the 24-year old Barbie-doll-look-alike who lost her fiance to a plane crash at age 18, only to find out one week later that she was pregnant with his baby? Little Rikki, she is called, named for the father she would never know, was the delicious icing on the cake. 

How could Chantal have believed that he would choose her over Emily? Nobody could beat the combination of gorgeous, tragic, sweet as pie all American girl who actually says things like “golly” and “oh my goodness”.  Yes, we felt sorry for Chantal as she sobbed and sobbed in the limo that drove her away from Brad and her dreams of marriage to him, but really… nobody could outshine Emily.

Even Madison, the model who sported fangs early in the show, opted out early on.  She did not want to compete with Emily, who so clearly “needed” love and a husband. 

But poor Chantal… presenting a love letter to Brad on their final date … She ended up feeling and looking a bit stupid.  How can you love someone so much when the feeling is not reciprocated? This is one of the things that I hate about “The Bachelor”.  The bachelor (or bachelorette, as the case may be) always acts as if he/she is deciding up until the last minutes before he/she proposes, when clearly that cannot be true.  If you really don’t know who you want to marry until moments before you propose you really should not be proposing, right? Duh.

The good news is that Chantal has already slimmed down, as she proved when she appeared on the after show last night, sporting a tight red dress.  The show is unfair in so many ways, especially to those who are strung along until the very end in order to follow the formula that the writers scripted.  How is the last man or woman standing (who is not chosen) to feel knowing that they were really there for the ratings, rather than because they really stood a chance?

Chantal is now in a relationship with another man, and very happy.  Bummer… I thought for sure she was going to be the next Bachelorette, a la Ali Fedotowsky.

Brad has been trying to marry Emily ever since that proposal in South Africa, but thus far she is unwilling.  On last night’s “After the Final Rose” show they admitted that they haven’t seen one another in a month, and Emily stated that she is not ready to marry Brad.  She is not ready to move to Austin to be with him.

Did he choose poorly? Will he be “The Bachelor” for a third time? Was he just selecting the one woman whom he knew (deep down inside) would never really marry him? Will this finally be his opening to coming out of the closet?

Did you see that Brad’s twin brother is named Chad?

Brad and Chad? How do parents do that??? No wonder he grapples with all the problems and insecurities that he has, keeping him single for 38 years already.  Years of therapy later he chooses the one woman who is completely guarded and protective of her “Little Rikki”.

Will Emily ever move to Austin and marry Brad? Why is she so afraid of being hurt by Brad, when he is so clearly smitten by her and Little Rikki? Or is this just her way of admitting that she really doesn’t want to marry him now that they are no longer appearing on the big screen every week?

I am a betting woman and my money is on a break-up.  Odds: 1:10 that Brad and Emily will actually walk down the aisle together.

And who will be the next Bachelorette now that Chantal has found love on her own? Ashley — the almost-dentist who will never commit because she is too focused on herself and her dental career.  Sounds like another winner (not) — and she really isn’t all that pretty or interesting to boot.  I think I’ll have to skip that season, which begins in late May (but only time will tell, right?).

The likelihood of couples who meet on this show getting married is almost as bad as those on “The Millionaire Matchmaker”.  I recommend


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