Tonight the Bachelor picks his wife

Well, I have watched diligently all season.  From the very beginning I felt that Emily was the one for Brad.  She is such a little Barbie doll, so easy going, so beautiful.  And her daughter is a mini-Emily… just as cute.  With Emily Brad would get a built-in family, which is good for a man who is most likely gay and unable to make his own baby.

Chantal has more to say, but she has also packed on the pounds over the season, which is not good.  Brad is very into looks and I doubt that he will pick someone who is already showing signs of becoming the next Goodyear Blimp.  Emily will always be a trophy wife.  Chantal has a gorgeous mother (who looks more like Chantal’s sister with all the work she has had done), which is always a good predictor of a woman’s later looks, but based on her current girth she is likely to be a large-sized version of her mother, especially if Brad were ever able to impregnate her.

Speaking of Emily… where does her money come from? Certainly she doesn’t make much money in her fundraising for children job.  How does she have such a nice house? She wasn’t married to her fiance who died so it is unlikely that she came into money from him.  However, she definitely seems better off financially than any of the other contestants…

There was Shawntel (where do these names and spellings originate? Chantal, Shawntel?) the mortician of course, with the family business, but that was just too creepy for Brad.  You could see the fear and discomfort on his face and in his body language whenever she brought up the gory details of her work (which she did often).  She could have supported Brad, but they would have had to live in Chico, California and deal with her creepy family and creepier dead bodies.

Anyway, my pick is Emily for sure for sure.



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