Movie review: “The Company Men”

So many people don’t realize how bad the economy is right now.  They should see “The Company Men”.  This movie deals with downsizing and the realities that many people face today in our country, often well-educated people with a lot of financial obligations.

In this film we watch as a company cuts and cuts staff in order to maintain the over-the-top lifestyles of their founders.  Stock price is all that matters, and the horrible impact that these job cuts will have on the employees who have devoted themselves to the company for years is just an irritating itch that can’t be scratched.

Tommy Lee Jones is great as a co-founder of the company, but the one with a heart.

Chris Cooper is brilliant as a 60-year old father of two (college tuitions abound) who is petrified that he will lose his job and be unable to get another.  There are hundreds of freshly minted MBA’s who want the same jobs that he would be eligible for (and he is grey, tired, and wrinkley).

I really like Rosemarie Dewitt as Ben Affleck’s wife.  She is always good, and manages a Boston accent and a deviation from her standard roles quite well. 

And Kevin Costner was great — playing a rough around the edges manual laborer who despises his snobby brother-in-law (Ben Affleck) but opens the door for him when he needs help the most.

This is not a great film, but it deals with some real issues that face our country today, and it is basically well-acted and entertaining.

I give it one hearty thumb’s up.


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