Vacation Ice Breakers

What do people talk about on vacation as they bask by the pool or the beach, sipping margaritas or pina coladas or guzzling Coronas with lime wedges rimming their glasses:

Three things:

Where to eat,

Where to stay,

Where to shop.

Yes, of course, there is the idle banter about where you’re from, how horrible the weather there has been, what you do for work, how many children you have, but what really matters is:

Have you eaten at the right restaurants?

Are you staying at the best hotel?

And is there any place to shop that you’re missed?

Here are the answers for Cabo, based upon our 5 day stay and our survey of guests from around the globe (our favorite couple lives in Vancouver and they are a modern day Brady Bunch plus one), but we have chatted up people from L.A., Minneapolis, Connecticut, Denver, San Francisco, and some fellow New Yorkers.

Best hotel: seems to be The One and Only Palmilla, though there are rumors of luxurious suites at Las Ventanos (where we ate dinner last night).  Las Ventanos is much smaller and supposedly child-free (which is only a rumor, as children are allowed, just not encouraged).

Best restaurants: None, if you live in NYC, but they almost all have incredible views of the ocean, and you can dine outdoors year round.  Agua at The One and Only was the most romantic.  Request the tables for two down by the ocean.  There are only four of them and they are hard to secure.  Market, also at The One and Only, is a Jean Georges restaurant, but it isn’t fabulous.  It’s nice, and modern, but not very busy.  Nick San has really gone downhill, though I can only vouch for the one at The Palmilla.  Last time I was here I went to the other one and thought it was great — ate there twice actually — very lively on weekends with the L.A. contingency.  Las Ventanos was very romantic and the service was incredible, but watch out for pushy pushy waiters who will encourage you to get the tasting menu and ten dessert tastings for only $60 ($6 a bite essentially).

Best shopping: None.  My next big business idea — a Fred Segal with a mediterranean flair in Cabo San Lucas.

Off to the airport (boo hoo).  Will write from NYC manana.


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