What’s a store?

So much of my day to day shopping is done online now that I barely enter a store any more.  Online shopping is so convenient, especially when you live in the city and have to lug home your packages or rush back after shopping to meet a delivery person.

Here’s what I buy online and where I find it:

Groceries: Fresh Direct.  I have been a customer since they first opened.  It is so convenient.  You can select from prior orders to save time, become a delivery VIP to secure special delivery times, save frequent excursions to the supermarket.  We get deliveries from Fresh Direct three times a week! We always have fresh fruit, veggies, soups, great meat/fish/deli/poultry, cases of water, soda, and so much more.  And, if you ever receive a delivery with a cracked egg or a bad package of blueberries all you need to do is email them and they will credit your account without question.

Amazon: Almost all of our books are now bought on Amazon, especially since my boyfriend and I converted to kindles long ago.  We also subscribe to a bunch of magazines and newspapers here.  Of course we still get a lot of “real” books here too — the kind that you hold in your hands and turn the pages of — especially for the children.  Great for SAT guides, etc.

Itunes: This is where we get all of our music, right up to the minute.  Videos too.  Who shops for c.d.’s any more? They’re so yesterday… I still remember when my father suggested that I start buying cassette tapes to replace my albums, saying they were so much smaller and more convenient.  I have been through albums, 8-tracks, cassettes, c.d.’s, and now about 25 walkmen and ipod variations.  They break before their warranties expire, that’s the good news.

Drugstore.com: We buy a lot of our toiletries and household supplies here.  Vitamins, razors, shampoos, toothpaste — you name it.  Comes quickly and prevents a lot of carrying and lugging large, heavy items like laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper.  Love it!

Pet Net Direct: Very convenient for dog food, wee wee pads (I know, yuch!, but my dog hates cold weather and rain and refuses to leave the house unless it’s 75 and sunny), dog treats and more.

J. Crew: Why buy tanks in every color in the store when you can do it from the comfort of home? The bikinis are great too.

Ticketmaster: Shows, shows and more shows.  Music, theatre… we do it all.

Open Table: It is so much easier to make reservations here than the traditional way of calling and being told 5:30 or 10 p.m.  After such calls I have often gotten a prime table on Open Table without having to listen to a hostess with the mostest (attitude that is).

Moviefone: We haven’t stood on a movie line or been “Sold Out” since we started ordering our movie tickets online.  Awesome.

Roadrunner Sports: I buy all of our running shoes here.  They’re less expensive and we don’t have to waste time going to sneaker stores which are often sold out of our sizes and desired styles.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love shopping as much as the next woman, but there is so little time left in a day after working, working out, taking care of children and tending to our relationships and friendships that whatever I can do to save time is key.  I wouldn’t order a piece of jewelry online, or a pair of jeans, or a dress for an important event, but a book/ticket/toothbrush…

Why not buy it online? It’s all about convenience.

Let’s save the bricks and mortars for luxuries.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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