The Rain in Spain…

Actually I want to talk about the rain in NYC.

Why is it that when it rains all taxis are occupied or off duty?

Why is it that umbrellas are useful in a light drizzle but no longer effective when it rains heavily? The umbrella was invented over 4,000 years ago.  How is it that nobody has figured out how to keep them from blowing inside out when they are really needed? Today, for example, I carried a giant umbrella around with me for six hours while getting soaked by sheets of rain, because every time I tried to open it the wind took over and tried to blow it inside out. 

Once an umbrella turns inside out it is never the same again.

So I got soaked and carried around a giant umbrella all day.  Yippee!

Why is it that every time I get my hair cut or colored it rains?

How come it is always on the nights that I have an important event to go to (like tonight) that it pours? I think you get the picture…

My hair is a wreck from being rained on all day,

I can’t wear my sexy Louboutins because they’ll get ruined,

Fur smells like wet dog when it’s wet,

My umbrella will join me but remain unopened, causing my coat and clothing to get soaked but serving no useful purpose whatsoever, and

I won’t be able to get a cab.

Sometimes I think that living in the suburbs with a heated garage attached to one’s house is not such a bad idea after all.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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