Jodi Picoult just wrote another winner

Jodi Picoult writes fiction, but she weaves history, law and learning into her novels, so you learn while you’re being entertained.  Her latest book, “Sing You Home” is one of her best books yet.

A music therapist works with burn victims, autistic children, geriatric patients and a suicidal teenager, and we learn about music therapy as a form of treatment while loving this woman, who is talented and caring.  She struggles with infertility, and we learn about in vitro as we hope for her to conceive and give birth to the baby she has always yearned for.

Homosexuality enters and is a major theme throughout the book, and we empathize with the difficulties inherent in coming out and living in a society which still makes a homosexual lifestyle unfair and difficult in ways we may never have imagined.

Relationships begin and end, and we live through the ups and downs along with the main characters.

The book also includes:


Major religious issues, including a “born again” we would not have imagined,

Relationship and parenting issues like wayward teenagers, adultery, and homosexual marriage.

The book culminates in a lawsuit which is emotional and extremely educational.

And you even get a c.d. if you buy the hardcover (which I had to when my 4th kindle, which was only two days old, died at the Las Vegas airport — boo hoo) — not a c.d. with the book narrated, but a musical narrative put together by Picoult and a female musician whom she is very close to.  Each chapter has a dedicated song (I found this very confusing… should we listen to the same song over and over until we reach the next chapter?).

I have enjoyed Picoult’s books for many years, ever since my dear friend Sharon and her daughter Emily (a young teen at the time) introduced me to “Plain Truth”.  Most recently I finished “House Rules”, which dealt with a boy with Asberger’s Syndrome who is accused of murder.  Once again, we are in court, and deeply enmeshed in a family’s love and struggles.

I give “Sing You Home” a big thumb’s up recommendation.


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