Bethenny Frankel: The Anorexic Nutritionist

Bethenny Frankel needs to get her act together.  You can’t be a role model for healthy eating and living while living a life that is a farce. 

Listen, I grew up in Great Neck and my first diet was at age seven, when my mother told me I would have to wear stretchy pants if I didn’t slim down.  I immediately went on a Tab and grapefruit regime (guided by my neighbor and good friend Wendi who was five years older than me and much more savvy about such problems).  Models dotted the walls of my room, and I thought that Susan Dey from the Partridge Family had a perfect body.  So I understand Bethenny, I really do.  I read your interview in People magazine.  I binged on those diet candies for years also.  They really were good, but apparently not so dietetic when eaten by the dozens, huh?

Bethenny, you can’t have a baby and be in a bikini one day later.  I watched your show.  Whatever you did is not normal.  Rumor has it that it was a tummy tuck while you were getting a C-Section.  You don’t think that’s a bit abnormal? Well, I do.  And not a “bit” — a whole lot.

Women watch you on t.v.  So do girls, and teenagers.  Do you think you’re setting a good example for them by appearing on t.v. the day after you’ve given birth with a tiny waist and no signs of having just born a child? You are 39 years old, not 17.  You are helping to set a terrible precedent for young women who may expect to look the same way themselves when they bear children.

You are a nutritionist, right? You sell books with “Skinny Girl” drink and food recipes.  You should set realistic examples for others.

You are an adorable woman.  You are funny.  You’re smart and savvy.  You have a successful business.  You have a husband who loves you madly.  Now you have a cute little baby girl Bryn, who should learn proper eating from you, rather than being saddled with the same image issues that have plagued you your whole life.

By the way, you look horrible.  I saw your picture on the beach in Miami in People magazine this week and you look shriveled, positively anorexic in your bikini.  Cover up.  It’s disgusting.


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6 Responses to Bethenny Frankel: The Anorexic Nutritionist

  1. La. says:

    Ha, I googled annorexia and got your blog. Her skin looks so poor due to lack of nutrients. Sad, she seems so fun, but EAT!

  2. salzy says:

    As someone who has clinical experience with anorexics and bulimics, Frankel does not look like someone who has recovered from her eating disorders. Evidence is her extreme thinness and swollen parotid glands (evidence of vomiting). She is seen stuffing her face at a food festival on the lower East Side and she is obsessed with food and cooking. I would bet money on it that her restrictive eating style, coupled with occasional binges and vomiting are reflected in her sickly appearance, and hence evidence ot her eating disorder rearing its ugly head.

  3. Denyce says:

    There are people who just have high metabolism. Please check out ALL the facts about Bethanny before you criticize. She likes to eat healthy. Perhaps more Americans should try this.. I see so many fat and unhealthy people where I work. They complain of back aches, foot aches, heart aches, acid reflex…etc. it makes me nauseated. They will complain about all of these things…but when you ask if they exercise….the answer is always no!

    • mallorylayne says:

      I agree with you and I also eat healthy, exercise and am blessed with a fast metabolism. I am a big Bethenny Frankel fan, other than the fact that she always walks around town with a scowl on her face, despite her beauty, health, fame, wealth, and fabulous family. You have to admit though, that the way Bethenny looked both during and right after her pregnancy was NOT normal. I have had two children, exercised throughout both pregnancies, and was a lot younger than Bethenny, and there is no way that a woman of her age could look the way she did just days after giving birth unless they were either starving themselves or undergoing surgery.

  4. MR says:

    Actually, I’m pretty sure that B.F. has absolutely no education, training, or credentials in nutrition.

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