Big decisions

While vacationing in paradise I find myself facing some very big decisions:

Should I take a yoga class outdoors this morning in a zen yoga garden or should I spin with the trainer who killed us yesterday morning doing Total Body Conditioning for an hour without a single break or stretch?

Do we eat breakfast on our terrace after our workout or just have coffee and a piece of fruit? We have a butler who brings us little baskets filled with treats throughout the day.  Fruits and espresso in the morning (loving this Nespresso machine… I have been pining for one for several years and just may have to break down and buy one when I get home), olives and flavored almonds in the afternoon, chocolates on our pillows when we return from dinner.

Where should we sit today? We sat on the beach the first afternoon and on the grassy area by the Adults Only pool yesterday.  Hmmmm…. so much to think about.

Lunch – at the pool bar, at the restaurant overlooking the gorgeous ocean and watching dolphins and whales swim up nearby, or on our chaise lounges where we may be visited by a giant salamander?

Sleep late or nap in the shade later?

Dinner in town again or relax at the hotel?

Frozen margarita or a glass of wine with dinner?

Read my book or listen to one of their complimentary ipods?

Play an hour of tennis later or take a run?

I am exhausting myself just thinking about it.  Back to bed for an hour and then yoga.  I will take it in hour-long increments.  I am on Cabo time after all, not New York City frantic.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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