50 years and 50 things I’m thankful for

I am fifty years old today.  It doesn’t feel as bad to write that as I expected and I guess that’s because I’m pretty okay with my life right now. 

Here are 50 things I’m grateful for today as I enter the second half of the first century of my life:

1. My daddy,

2. My daughter,

3. My son,

4. My boyfriend,

5. My health,

6. Running and my ability to have completed seven marathons so far (the eighth will be this coming December in Las Vegas I hope, holding hands with my boyfriend again as we cross the finish line together),

7. My trainer Friday (he has done wonders for my butt and he is the nicest trainer alive.  I am dying to get him on “The Bachelor”),

8. My big brother and his fabulous wife,

9. My “little” brother,

10. Slot machines, especially Megabucks,

11. My boyfriend’s family,

12. Laughter, and laughing at myself in particular,

13. Love (it took me 47 years to get it right but I never gave up hope),

14. Music (especially live music with my boyfriend and my children, and my concert-going friends Trish and Bob),

15. Movies,

16. T.v., especially “Shameless”, “Californication”, “Episodes”, and “The Bachelor”,

17. Bowling,

18. Shooting pool (especially when my friend Al is my worthy opponent),

19. Stacey Sosa (my little sister) and Estancia 460,

20. My dog Grandpa, the adorable dappled dachshund whom nobody else wanted,

21. My beautiful apartment (especially the outdoor space),

22. My neighborhood, especially the Hudson River Park, Giorgione’s, The Ear Inn and Pao,

23. Books.  My third generation Kindle arrived just in time for my vacation and it is awesome!,

24. People magazine,

25. My 85 year old friend Jack, and

26. His daughter Linda (my new sister!),

27. Lorrie and her beautiful house (my home away from home) in Del Ray,

28. Lorrie’s dogs, especially crazy Bogey,

29. My friend Trish and her fabulous family and great Danes, especially Goliath (Grandpa’s boyfriend),

30. The ocean (especially in the Hamptons, L.A. and Del Ray),

31. The sun,

32. My Happy Light,

33. My convertible (the Jaguar is next if I win the Megabucks today!),

34. My mother’s Harry Winston diamond watch, which my dad gave to me yesterday for my 50th birthday.  Mommy, I know you are here celebrating with me.  Here’s a nice big glass of chardonnay for you and lots of hugs and kisses.  I miss you terribly.,

35. Air travel.  I just wish the seats were bigger and the flights were faster,

36. Latisse and eyelash extensions,

37. Japanese hair straightening,

38. My ability to tan without burning,

39. My blog,

40. Sleep, especially when I’m next to my boyfriend with my dog Grandpa lying beside me like a little live hot water bottle,

41. Awards shows, especially the Academy Awards and the Grammy’s,

42. Downtown NY,

43. French fries,

44. Pizza,

45. Steak,

46. Red, red wine,

47. My big brother Scott (who is not really my brother, but anyway…),

48. Aunt Joanne and Aunt Andrea,

49. My college friends, especially Lizzie and Sharon,

50. The air I breathe every day and my ability to follow my dad’s solid advice:

“Enjoy every day because it could be your last.”

Happy birthday me!!!


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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One Response to 50 years and 50 things I’m thankful for

  1. Susan says:

    Things to add to your list:
    1. Your pretty smile
    2. Your sincerity
    3. Your great fashion sense!
    Happy Bday (to Mark too!) ..hope I’ll be as graceful about it next week.

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