Charlie Sheen is loco

Poor Charlie Sheen.  Not only is he a major drug addict, he’s also certifiably insane (I should know… I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology and have worked with all types).

Listening to Howard Stern earlier this morning I heard some clips from an interview that Charlie did today (he is really doing the circuit, and was even on Good Morning America today, sharing drug tests results which proved that he has been clean for at least… get this… one day!).  Good job Charlie!

So now the man who has said that being sober is “boring” and has told college students to enjoy crack if they can do it in moderation (great advice from a father of five children, right?), claims that doing drugs is “boring” and he is finished.

The man is insane.  Howard and Robin are convinced that he’s bipolar but I would probably add a few other mental illnesses on top of this.   He suggested that he may be from another planet, and said that he is proud of his partying and ability to stay alive when others would have surely perished.  He has some “rules” for not dying, which he didn’t specifically spell out, though he suggested that he doesn’t mix certain drugs which have caused lethal overdoses in some less fortunate users.  He also doesn’t like the term “use” — too AA he claims.  He says he “uses” a blender and a vacuum cleaner.  Okay… somehow I don’t see him vacuuming, but nothing else he said made sense so why should that?

Poor Charlie Sheen.  He should definitely be in long-term rehab, but when he graduates from there he should be in a mental institution.  He was bragging about doing seven gram rocks during his last spree and says he survived because he is superhuman (that is my term, not his, but on par with his thought process).   This is not a man who should be allowed to raise children or see them if he is not supervised.  He may be a great actor, but I fear for those five innocent children who share his genes.

Charlie, please stop talking.  You’re only making things worse for yourself.  Just be quiet.  People may have felt sorry for you before but now they are just going to think you’re a total jerk.  Go to rehab already.  Everybody knows that home rehab is b.s.   Get back to work if you can as you are costing a lot of innocent people their jobs and salaries while you party with prostitutes and porn stars.  And who pays a prostitute $30,000 for a quickie? Grow up! That money could put a child through an ivy league college for a semester, room and board included.

You make Lindsay Lohan look good.

And I love Robert Downey, Jr.  Look at how he turned his life around.  He should be your hero.  Find another way to appease your boredom. 

Scrabble anyone?


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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