AAA or Academy Award Afterthoughts

Anne Hathaway is hot! Don’t worry Gwyneth, you are still my reincarnation dream, but Anne Hathaway was adorable.  She rocked every dress, laughed at her inability to be nominated for an Oscar even after taking all of her clothes off and she could even sing.  However, in the Anne vs. Gwyneth competition, I choose Gwyneth because:

She’s prettier, and

She’s married to an awesome rock star and Anne Hathaway has not had the world’s greatest luck in the game of love — remember Raffaello Follieri?

Back to the Oscars…

How cute was Kirk Douglas? 94 years old, stroke victim… I thought he stole the show.  Watching the faces of the five nominees for Best Supporting Actress while he superbly postponed opening the winning envelope was priceless! And what about his flirtations with both Anne Hathaway and Melissa Leo? Hello Viagra.  He was hysterical.  I want to give him a little kiss on the cheek (you know I love old men by now, right?).

James Franco was awful.  Loved him in “127 Hours” but hated him here.  (By the way, a friend of mine told me yesterday that the book is great.  I am going to buy it for my kindle today.)  There are so many other actors who could appeal to the younger demographic who are funny and charismatic, while he proved to be neither.  Handsome yes.  A good host no.

Billy Crystal was great.  Loved the way he said the show was running over and began to name the nominees for Best Film halfway through the show.  It made you miss having a comedian as host.

And by the way, all of my Oscar Picks won (other than best film, but who counts that anyway?)!


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