Academy Awards Eve

Some people go to Academy Awards parties or have friends over to watch together, but not me.  I like to cuddle up at home and watch the whole shebang more privately, from the Red Carpet shows (ugh — did you see that Camille Grammar will be on the Red Carpet? If you look at her closely enough you will totally understand why Kelsey had to trade her in for a younger model.  She went just a tad cookoo on the plastic surgery.  Yuch!!!).

Here is who I’m cheering for:

Best Actor: Colin Firth.  He deserved it last year for Tom Ford’s “A Single Man” and was passed by, so there is no way he will not get it this year for his spectacular performance as a stuttering king in “The King’s Speech”.  I love him, and my boyfriend looks a lot like him… not that that has anything whatsoever to do with the Oscars.

Best Actress: My boyfriend says Annette Bening for “The Kid’s Are Alright”.  I loved her (and Julianne Moore) in this film, and apparently she has never won an Academy Award, which does push things a bit in her favor.  Honestly, I hope she does win, but I am voting for Natalie Portman in “The Black Swan”.  Her performance was flawless (not that Annette Bening’s wasn’t).  So… I am cheering for Annette but betting on Natalie.

Best Supporting Actor: No question about this one.  Christian Bale.  His role as a crystal meth addict in “The Fighter” who trains his brother in and out of the ring was brilliant.  He really stole the show (along with his mom in the film, who we will discuss next), almost making us apathetic as to his brother, played okay by Mark Wahlberg (did you know that Mark Wahlberg is one of 9 children? This sort of mirrors him in this film, surrounding by tacky sisters and a drug-addled brother.)

Best Supporting Actor: The mom in “The Fighter”, Melissa Leo.  Personally I think Julianne Moore should win for “The Kids Are Alright”, but she isn’t nominated so never mind.

Best Movie: “The Social Network”.  There were so many great movies this year, and I probably enjoyed “The King’s Speech” more than anything, but I am placing my money on “The Social Network”.   With Facebook taking over (and probably helping destroy) the world as we know it, this is an entertaining portrayal of our quickly changing world, and how our children can realize their dreams in ways that we never imagined when we were young.

See you on the Red Carpet!


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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