“Barney’s Version” rocks!

Please note: this is not a post about a purple dinosaur.

I am not a huge Paul Giamatti fan, but he is a great actor.  I didn’t want to see “Barney’s Version” because he was starring, but my boyfriend had the final say last weekend so I found myself sitting in the almost sold out theater (in the second row).  The best news was that the popcorn at Union Square has definitely improved.  Giamatti plays a pretty unlikeable character in this latest film, “Barney’s Version”, but he certainly plays it well. It is hysterical to see him as a chubby red headed Jew (whoever did the hair is truly talented).

But some of the smaller parts were played brilliantly as well, particularly:

Dustin Hoffman as Barney’s dad, a crude, rough around the edges, former cop who says all the wrong things all the time, but lives life to its’ fullest and loves his son unconditionally.  You will love everything about him, from his chipped and gapping front teeth to his filthy mouth while relating work stories while smiling broadly and unapologetically;

Minnie Driver as one of Barney’s wives.  She is gorgeous, and plays a spoiled and brilliant heiress hysterically, if not a bit over the top.  You will hate her but love watching her.

Once again, the film is too long (almost 2 hours and 15 minutes), but it is great.  It seems like no director is willing to cut a “brilliant” (NOT!) moment off of any of their scenes.  We see Barney stumbling down drunk at least 10 minutes more than necessary, not to mention other places where a little snip would have helped.  Regardless, this is a movie that is very much worth watching.

It is:

entertaining, and

well acted,

and you will care about the characters even if you don’t like all of them.

It is:


and sad,

and moving.

This is a movie totally worth seeing, especially if you’re up North freezing to death.  Of course, I’m down in sunny Florida, about to go to yoga and then the beach club, but if I were somewhere cold and slushy and windy, looking for something to do, I definitely give it two thumbs up (don’t sue me for stealing!).


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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