The shallow, meaningless real life of a movie star

Sofia Coppola is a brilliant filmmaker, no doubt.  “Lost in Translation” was one of the most spot on films ever made about travel to a foreign land (in this case Japan) where you don’t speak the language, coming of age, relationships, and fame.  Her rendition of the brilliant novel “The Virgin Suicides” by Jeffrey Eugenides was also incredible and moving, once again showcasing her talents and the small fact that genes may have just a little something to do with talent…

What happened with her latest film “Somewhere”? Was it one of the most brilliant movies of the year or one of the worst? Depends who you read and listen to.  I have seen it named as one of the worst ten films of 2010 and have seen it acclaimed as a brilliant portrayal of fame.

I will tell you this about “Somewhere”:

It was boring.

It was depressing (but a lot of great movies are, right?).

It was well cast.  Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning, playing a movie star father and his daughter were both great.

It was a fraction of the film that “Lost in Translation” was.  The entire movie “Somewhere” could have been a short scene in “Lost in Translation”.

It dragged on and on, and I am not stupid… I understand that we are meant to “feel” that the famous movie star’s life drags on and on, and is boring, and is meaningless, and he has absolutely nothing to say or offer.  Coppola did portray that beautifully, but at what cost? I suffered through the film.  I didn’t enjoy it.  It was upsetting to think that these idols of our society (aka movie stars) may not be enjoying their riches and fame and beauty.  On some level, though, it is satisfying to be so much more fulfilled without those things.  In other words,

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

I didn’t like it, but, several months after seeing “Somewhere”, I’m still thinking about it.  Wii anyone?


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2 Responses to The shallow, meaningless real life of a movie star

  1. imagemoved says:

    I didn’t really think it was boring. Trust me, I’m not some pretentious film snob who will sit through boring films and think they’re interesting. I pretty much hated The King’s Speech and it almost bored me to tears. But I think this movie was just beautiful and artistic. It felt and showed, and I really enjoyed it. And Elle Fanning was great.

    The rest of my thoughts on it here:

    • mallorylayne says:

      I loved “The King’s Speech” — every second of it!!! Thanks for sharing your blog with me… it was great. I love Dakota Fanning, but I am with you that Elle got the star role here.

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