31 things to do before Spring has sprung

It is 51 degrees in NYC today and there are only 31 days left until Spring, so I am inspired to suggest 31 things to do while we wait out Old Man Winter:

1) Pump up your bike tires and take a quick ride before the temperature drops again,

2) See “The King’s Speech”,

3) See “The Fighter”,

4) Watch “The Bachelor”,

5) Make a snowman or a snow angel (if it snows again),

6) Get a pedicure,

7) Do squats and lunges,

8) Moisturize,

9) Deep condition your hair,

10) Take a mini-break, a la Bridget Jones,

11) Read “Eat, Pray, Love” or “A Million Little Pieces” (if you have read both email me for another recommendation),

12) Buy a “rag” (i.e. People, US Weekly) and read it (without shame) at the gym cover to cover,

13) Take a yoga class (or spin or Pilates),

14) Buy a new song on itunes,

15) Eat everything you want for a whole day and then forget about it,

16) Clear your schedule and take a long nap in the middle of the day,

17) Play with a dog (your own if possible),

18) Eat an ice cream cone outdoors on your way home and ignore the stares,

19) Help someone and tell nobody (a mom struggling with a baby stroller on the subway steps, a blind person trying to cross a busy intersection),

20) Read a classic that you have always “meant” to read, like “Jane Eyre” or “The Great Gatsby”,

21) Take a nap with a dog (or cat if you don’t have a dog handy),

22) Sniff a baby’s head,

23) Wear flannel pajamas,

24) Wax (or shave or laser or whatever you do to remove hair) your legs,

25) Watch “American Idol”,

26) Watch The Academy Awards and cry when your favorites win,

27) Walk somewhere instead of cabbing it,

28) Fake a tan,

29) Eat somewhere that you’ve been dying to try, like Le Bernadin or Five Napkin Burger or Chipotle,

30) Drink frothy coffee or hot chocolate with marshmallows on top,


31) Call someone that you miss and haven’t heard from in a long time to say hello.  Tell him or her that you have missed him (or her).


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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