Read, watch, listen

“The Imperfectionists” by Tom Rachman was a fabulous novel that I finished recently (and a friend responded to my blog saying how much she liked it).  She also mentioned “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant, which is old but one of “the” best books I have ever read.  It will help you understand some of the ingrained differences between men and women.  It wasn’t so dumb for women to menstruate, give birth and breast feed together in their red tents… they didn’t have to be near men who wanted sex, clean laundry and freshly prepared meals :).  If you want a great winter trash read, go for “The Last Time I Saw You” by Elizabeth Berg.  It’s about people attending their last high school reunion (#40).  It is touching and funny and such an easy read.  When I finished it I bought every other book that Elizabeth Berg has written but none of them were nearly as good.

Are you watching Californication? It is soooo good.  Hank and Karen are the perfect couple, but he cannot keep it together (or I guess I should say in his pants) long enough for her to take him back.  Their daughter Becca is so disgusted by him (she is such an interesting character) and is now lead guitarist in a very cool all girl’s rock band.  Everyone on this show is amazing.  This is FREE high quality television… better than most movies… and on every week!

Episodes is surprisingly funny, though I am embarrassed to admit that I watch it.  It makes me laugh out loud every week.  It’s on between Californication and Shameless on Showtime.  Only 30 minutes, so check it out.  Remember Joey from Friends? He is one of the stars.  It is getting better by the episode so don’t stop if you don’t love #1.  In fact, start with #2 or 3.

No matter what anybody says, Eminem is a musical genius and a poet.  If you don’t have “Recovery” yet get it now (before the Grammy’s tonight).  He tells his continuing life story in music and lyrics and it never fails to entertain.  Great for running too.  My favorite line from this album:

“they call it windowpane” (on “I Love the Way You Lie” with Rihanna).


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2 Responses to Read, watch, listen

  1. RFW says:

    I read Imperfectionists and agree that it was well written and a good read. Also read The Red Tent awhile ago; she has a new one I plan to check out. And Elizabeth Berg’s books are always on my list. Have you read her The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted? funny.

    • mallorylayne says:

      No, I haven’t read “The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted” yet but I will buy it for my kindle RIGHT NOW! Thanks so much for the recommendation. I did think “Open House” was okay though. I also have not read “Day After Night” by Anita Diamant. It didn’t look that interesting to me. If you read it let me know what you think.

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