Be mine??? Valentine…

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  I am a firm believer in remembering that special someone on Valentine’s Day (and on every holiday for that matter).  There are only so many days that stand out every year, and it is so important to make them special.  Otherwise life can just become one long, boring “Groundhog Day”.  Days that should be special (though not necessarily in a material way):

Valentine’s Day,



Christmas (even if you’re Jewish… it’s so much fun),

Easter (even if you’re Jewish… it’s also so much fun, especially the candy hunt),

Mother’s Day,

Father’s Day.

Make a special dinner.  Write a card.  Bake a cupcake.  Pick a flower.  Just don’t forget.  It could make your someone special feel really un-special.  Remember… if you don’t make someone feel important there is someone else out there who will.

I want to wish a very special Valentine’s Day to the following people:

My gorgeous father,

My boyfriend,

My boyfriend’s father,

My boyfriend’s mother,

My son,

My daughter,

My best friend Lorrie and her puppy Teddy (Lorrie… do NOT complain that I did not add Maxwell and Bogie or I will have to shoot you :)),

My dog Grandpa.

Happy almost Valentine’s Day.  Be mine?


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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One Response to Be mine??? Valentine…

  1. Lorrie says:

    What, no valentine’s wish for your best friend. I’m loving the blog. We never have to talk again now that I know what you’re thinking, all the time.

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