Some of my “bests” in NYC today


Bagels: Murray’s (500 6th Avenue, 242 8th Avenue).

Rainbow cookies (most cookies in fact): Veniero’s (342 E. 11th).

Best movie popcorn: Landmarc Sunshine (143 East Houston).

Best Jewish deli for the price: Katz’s (205 East Houston).

Best frozen margarita (and place to eat with children of all ages): Cowgirl Hall of Fame (10th and Hudson).

For STEAK, if you are craving red meat on this freezing wintery day, here are my favorites:

Morandi: I know it isn’t a steak restaurant, but their steak for 2 is seriously the best thing I have ever tasted.  It comes with plenty of roasted potatoes and spicy green peppers.  Everything in this place is fabulous but this is THE WINNER.  211 Waverly Place at 7th Ave.

I also love Strip House at 13 East 12th.  The steaks are fabulous (great shrimp cocktails too), and the atmosphere is not your typical Men’s Club.  It is red and velvety and cushiony — sort of like eating steak in a high class brothel.

Laconde Verde falls into the same category as Morandi.  It is not a steak restaurant, but again, their steak is fabulous! Their chicken is also one of the most delicious things in the world, but probably the best thing you will find there is the ricotta with sea salt and herbs appetizer.   I ate an entire order myself one night and didn’t even feel guilty about it.  377 Greenwich Street.

Wolfgang’s at 409 Greenwich Street in Tribeca is my final favorite for steaks.  They are nice, you can usually get in at a moment’s notice, and for me it is very… convenient.


Best place to buy socks/pantyhose/stockings/underwear (for men, women and children) at great prices: Century 21 (22 Cortlandt Street).


Rodney Cutler at Cutler.  Not only is he gorgeous, a crazy triathalete, hairdresser to the stars, a great husband and father… but he is also one of the nicest people on the planet (his Australian accent doesn’t hurt either).  He now has 3 salons in NYC:

465 W. Bway (my favorite), 47 W. 57th Street, 420 Park Avenue South in the Gansevoort Hotel (brand new).  He also has one in South Beach if you find yourself in Florida in need of a great cut.

You will love him! 


Sherwin Parikh — okay, the trend continues.  He is gorgeous and famous but also down to earth and totally nice.  His prices at Tribeca Skin Salon will make you very happy if you have been paying uptown prices.  He will really tell you what you need and not try to sell you more.  He is first cousins with an absolutely famous and adorable actor, but I still think Sherwin is the true gem in the family.

Find him at: Tribeca Skin Center (315 Church Street).


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  1. Love your site man keep up the good work

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