Quick, warm, fun vacation place

Just got back from Del Ray Beach in Florida.  It is such a quick flight (we paid $69 on Jet Blue to WPB, and you can also fly to Ft. Lauderdale).  Del Ray is the perfect mix of ocean/beautiful beach and laid back fun with just enough good dining and shopping to make you realize you’re in South Florida rather than the Keys (not that I’ve ever been to the Keys or that I have anything against them).


You can stay at the Seagate Hotel which was completely revamped last year and they have a beautiful beach club where you can lounge in comfort and eat outdoors.  The public beach in Del Ray is never crowded and if you don’t feel like bringing your own chairs you can rent a really comfortable lounge for two with a shaded top.  Right now the jellyfish are horrible though.  You really can’t even walk down by the surf as it is wall to wall blue (blue jellyfish that is).


32 East is always great for dinner or drinks.  Right now the stone crabs are huge and totally delicious.  Now you can get burrata even in Del Ray, as we found there (and at Tramonti’s, which is a fabulous old world Italian restaurant also on the Avenue — Atlantic Avenue).  Mellow Mushroom used to be my salad and pizza place of choice but now it is definitely Anthony’s.  Their salad with gorgonzola and pizzas are the best, and will help you forget that you’re not in NY (not that you want to be in NY right now, but I’m referring to the pizza).  If you are a wings fan theirs are baked and everyone loves them.


Not the world’s best shopping town but Love Shack and Snappy Turtle (both owned by the same people) have some cute women’s things if you are willing to look.  The bikinis and cover ups are especially nice.


Keith’s class at The Colony Hotel on Sunday mornings at 9:30 is quite an experience.  Live singing/music, lots of body and people types (you will be amazed by what you will see, really!).  I have never been to such an eclectic yoga class.  Not saying it was my favorite ever, but it is worth checking out.  $20 at the door.  90 minutes.  Starbucks across the street for green iced teas afterwards (you will be thirsty as the hotel lobby is not air conditioned).  Funniest part: Keith saying “Inhale… Exhale…” about 5,000 times.


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