My friend Jack, or Funny where you can find friends

I have a friend named Jack.  He is 85 years old, but one of the sharpest people I know.  I met him through mutual friends last year (in Del Ray) at a dinner in town, and though he was almost twice the age of the rest of us that night, he kept up to speed with the drinks and the conversation.  I have stayed in touch with him ever since, and visit him during my morning runs whenever I’m in Del Ray.  He can be found pretty religiously at a certain Starbucks, surrounded by a bevy of young men.  If you are lucky enough to go out with him you will be amazed by the way that everyone on the street knows him, and he always has a story or some kind words for everyone he sees.

Jack has a daughter in NYC who is closer to my age than he is and I am having lunch with her tomorrow (our first meeting).  I am so excited to meet her.  Jack is sure that we are going to hit it off. 

Remember when you were a child and age was so important? It really isn’t any more.   I can have as much fun with a beautiful 24 year old girl that I met at a local bar in Soho, or with my boyfriend’s parents and their friends, as I do with my peers sometimes.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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