Help me publicize… and what to read/watch now.

So now I have a blog and I don’t know how to let anyone read it.  I asked my 16 year old daughter (who is a major computer expert) to help me last night but she was too busy with homework.  She walked me through the steps verbally on the way to school this morning but I still can’t figure it out.  Very frustrating, but I guess it will give me a chance to write more and more before anyone sees it.


Honestly… “Room” by Emma Donoghue was fantastic.  At first I couldn’t stand it.  Written from the perspective of a little boy who has an extremely strange way of seeing the world, I almost put it down.  I am so glad I didn’t.  It is truly one of the most innovative, touching, incredible novels I have read in a very long time (maybe forever).  This story will change the way you look at the world.  Just stick with it, as the beginning is really tough to navigate.

The weather in NYC has been so awful this winter that I have been averaging a book every two days.  If you want the funniest trashy read it is “Mini Shopaholic” by Sophie Kinsella.  Laugh out loud instead of crying about the snow/slush/rain/wind/freezing temperatures.


T.V. plays a huge role in my life during these cold winter months.  When I can’t venture outside because it’s too cold/windy/snowy/rainy/slushy I watch the following:

The Bachelor: funniest show ever.  He is such a big bore.  What does he do anyway, other than whine? He definitely seems gay.  Have you noticed the way he doesn’t even open his mouth when he kisses and never seems to get aroused at all by any of the women who are pawing him all over? He has some incredible women vying for his attention (why is the question???) yet he seems tortured and miserable all the time.  He has nothing to say about anything.  Where do they find these guys and why are these women so into them? Great watch for everyone — teens, guys, moms, whatever. 

American Idol: Stephen Tyler is incredible! He is sooo adorable with his quirky clothing and jewelry and the way he flirts with every pretty female contestant.  Love the way he rocks when he likes it, dancing, playing imaginary drums, singing along.  And J. Lo is fantastic too.  She is gorgeous and nice, but really has an opinion.  Just looking at her outfits and hair are worthwhile.  You won’t miss Simon at all…

Shameless: on Showtime.  This show is so great.  Film quality every week and a full hour, it is like receiving a special gift every week.  It is quirky and demented, but in such a good way.  A family of children who basically raise themselves because their mom is locked up in a mental institution somewhere and their dad (brilliantly played by William H. Macy) is a falling down drunk.  This show is sexy… you actually won’t believe some of the debauchery that they show on television these days.  Gorgeous mostly naked bodies, lots of drinking and smoking and other bad things, but you will love these characters.  Joan Cusack is heart wrenching as a mom who is so agoraphobic that she literally cannot step outside her front door, though she tries valiently.  I don’t want to ruin it but there is something for everyone… gay teens, sexually precocious teens, theft, bigamy… and lots, lots more  Everyone is gorgeous to watch.  I wish it was on every day.


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